EXPOSED: Kent Jones lives the RV life

Kent Jones is a guy who likes to use a lot of other languages in his music.... but is he Puerto Rican or fluent in Spanish? That was my first question. The answer was no. "I just know what I like and how to say my name," he said as he went into a story about a two-day-long date with someone in Asia where he "didn't speak at all." 

That's just one example of how Kent was one of the easiest and open people to step foot in this studio. Another example: It took exactly 1 minute and 38 seconds for him to begin telling me about ménage à trois in the Winnebago RV that he and his friends drove to the studio. 

This guy has endless stories, and I felt guilt when we bored it up and talked about music after talking about cars, racist workers, feeling like a badass, and his lack of foreign language knowledge. [We played a game of Foreign Urban Dictionary... he failed. 0%.]

He did let us in on a little secret, though: He has recorded a song with Florida Georgia Line.

"I love country music. It has that.. little bit of Georgia, little bit of Florida... that's where I'm from, I'm country!"

Cue the high anticipation in my blood for that song. 

Listen to this guy spit it all out, including how he's crazier than his BFF DJ Khaled, below: 



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