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EXPOSED: Echosmith sticks together through change

Echosmith has always been a fantastic, talented, humble and refreshing band.. and I'm glad we're getting some new music from them, AND getting a call from the girl of the group: Sydney. 

Sydney is so easy to talk to! There were a number of things I wanted to bring up, but after getting side tracked by her birthday plans and imagining having to go down a red carpet alone after being used to having people with you... some of them had to be saved for next time. 

The last time Echosmith came though, they were a group of four. Their oldest brother Jamie left to start his family life [which is obviously very excusable], and I wondered if it ever crossed their mind to just dismantle and support Sydney in a solo career. 

"It's funny you say that because honestly, that was never thought of... We like doing this together. I don't want to walk a red carpet alone or perform alone," Sydney said.

They're all in as a family band. That means their parents are still running a lot of the behind the scenes things, and there for everything. The thought of that gives ME anxiety. Can you imagine growing up, learning lessons, making mistakes, making bad decisions... all with your parents right there?!

Sydney says they've been able to be honest with each other and make some missteps, but overall their parents have been there to steer them away from harm. 

"Like on Warped Tour... there were these bbq's we'd go to... and everyone was rip roaring drunk. My mom would be like 'Okay, time to get to the next place,' and we'd go... I didn't really know what I was missing out on."

Now that she's 21, she's still not jumping in on the party life. She spent her birthday last week hanging in Niagara Falls with her boyfriend. 

I guess their parents are doing something right!

Listen to the full convo below: 

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