Why is dancing so embarrassing sometimes?

I was pretty excited to see this video of a man traveling the world, asking people to dance for him. I figured it would showcase everyone's different styles... but instead, I noticed that they all had the same initial reaction- embarrassment. 


This makes me so sad! but also, I realize that even I get a little hesitant to dance sometimes. WHY?!?! 

Dancing is one of the most fun things to do. It's a moment of letting go of worries and just feeling yourself and the music and almost forgetting the outside world. No one cares what moves you have or don't have, unless you're in a dance battle. Sure, people are going to watch if you're dancing by yourself in public, but it's not because you're a problem and they need to call the cops on you. It's because they're impressed with your ability to let loose! To enjoy life! To not care about what other people are thinking! 

I mean, sure, I've definitely taken videos of people dancing silly or in public, but really- it's because I want to be a part of it. It's 100% jealousy. 

If you're dancing, whether on beat or not, and you look like you're ENJOYING it and not cringing at the thought of yourself dancing, I promise you- it'll be contagious and it'll be awesome and you and everyone else around will be happier. 

Try it. Try to prove me wrong. I dare you. 



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