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This woman faked an entire trip on Instagram to prove something

Things on the Internet are not always as they seem. 

Things on Instagram are RARELY as they seem. 

Even as someone who doesn't care too much about always looking 💯, I edit some of my photos just so people won't scroll right past it and they'll at least give my caption a read. 

This woman wanted to see how far she could take it... by faking an entire trip to Cali/Disneyland... which even her close friends/family believed to be true. 

She changed the look of her bedhead face with FaceApp, and photoshop'd herself in front of the Disneyland Castle, making it look like she was alone there. 

It's not hard to learn basic Photoshop skills.. and when you're a blogger, it's even easier to do on a daily basis. All of these incredible travel pics we see on some accounts... they could be paid to go there and given a photographer, or they could be sitting on their couch in BF Wyoming using their imagination. 

This chic rarely posts photos of her full face, so it was easier to keep people from questioning what she posted, but most of them say they did notice something was off, just didn't know what. 

Even her man didn't think a photo of her face was very edited... so don't feel like an idiot when you fall for this stuff. 


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