Elizabethany's costumes of yesteryears

I know you shouldn't award yourself any honors or whatever, but I wanna dub myself the Real Queenette of Halloween. Obviously celebs are good at it, but they have extra help... and I'm sure there's some other human who has more time/patience/artistic ability than me, but that's an unfair advantage... err, privilege is the word of 2017 right?

There are two rules for my costume every year: It has to have something to do with my personal life that year, and I have to make it from scratch.

Because I'm a show off, here's a look back at what I've made in the last decade:

2017: April the Giraffe. Because too many days were spent checking in on a pregnant giraffe's live cam

2016: Britney Spears, then and now. The night she shaved her head and her Billboard Music Awards performance. [I got to meet her that year!]

2015: My Little Pony "Rarity" [Mostly just because of my newly purple hair]

2014: Iggy Azalea... which I got to show her later. [She was the queen of the music charts, and I was music director of the station]

2014: Daisy Duck

2013: Uncle Sam. [I had just moved back to DC]

2012: Blue crystal meth. [I spent too much time watching Breaking Bad, like everyone else]

2011: Troll. Yes, I was barefoot in the club. *shrug* [Because I was fully immersed in bringing the 90s back]

2010: Twitter bird. [I was in an MTV Twitter contest]]

2009: Sherlock Holmes. [I had been stalking the filming of Real World DC... seemed appropriate]

2008: Snow White and my 7 dwarfs... Because I lived in a neighboring house to my 7 best friends. 

Random extra: Pirate.

As for this year... I have THREE costumes planned... this is going to be ridiculous. Someone stop me. 



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