Elizabethany Interviews: Chilli

In case you didn't know, there's a pretty sweet tour in existence called "I Love the 90s- The Party Continues." A bunch of 90s artists bringing the party with TLC as the headliner!

Chilli of TLC called and I was pumped to make a lifelong dream come true and tell her a story that has honestly haunted me in a way since my childhood. One of those times you think you understand what a song is saying until someone very blatantly tells you how wrong you are... and suddenly the way you listen to music is forever changed. 

We also played a Would You Rather game... comparing certain things like communication, listening to music, and fandoms in the 90s vs. today. 

Chilli thinks if they became a new band in the social media days, they would have ended up talking about her less than Lisa, who "would have had a field day." She agreed that it might have something to do with the fact that she protects her personal life more after a certain relationship was put on blast so many years ago. 

Speaking of that ex, when it comes to looking back at it- she's just like you and me! She has a box of things from that time that she keeps secure and only looks through when she needs to! 

Do you remember the CrazySexyCool movie on Lifetime all about TLC?! It was one of the first and definitely one of the most well done Lifetime biopics, and with Simone Biles announce she has one coming, I asked Chilli what can help make that one a success, and not a fail like Britney's. 

This is one of my favorite phone-convos with an artist, so I hope you enjoy it too! 



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