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Elizabethany's All American Weekend

When you never get more than one, MAYBE two days off a week, and suddenly you've been gifted with FOUR FREE DAYS, you plan a LEGIT staycation. 

There are so many things that I've always wanted to do in or near DC, and this weekend I checked a few of them off. 

FIRST DAY: Charles Town Races... I've never been to a horse race, and it was a bit of a struggle to hear about the struggle the horses endure, but it was a very interesting atmosphere [and a huge buffet with the best dessert options I've ever seen]. All types of people were there and even if you have no idea what you're doing, it's fun to pretend like you definitely picked the winning horse. 

DAY TWO: Harper's Ferry for tubing and camping and exploring. I've never been to Harper's Ferry, but I have been tubing... and I learned that you should not tube without planning on camping because severe intoxication typically happens. It was a bit of a rough tubing excursion, but we survived, set up our cute little tents, and had a grand old time. The next day we got lunch in the town of Harper's Ferry and OMG! Have you ever seen how cute it is?! You're taken back to the 1800s in every way, it's incredible. 

TUBING PRO TIP: Make sure you get your own tube with its own cooler so you're never without drinks, AND you can say "sorry this is too big for me to even try and paddle, someone get out." Also come equipped with a speaker duh, strawberries soaked in vodka, a GoPro, and a waterproof thing for your phone for all the pics. 

DAY THREE: The Wharf. I've seen pictures from here but never went down there. I was missing out. We got 2.5 dozen fresh crabs, a pound of shrimp and a pound of crawfish for under $100, brought some airplane bottles [not sure if that's legal though] and had a little picnic! It was a great double date before heading to the only nearby bar that was lovely: Cantina Marina. 

DAY FOUR: Fourth of July at the Georgetown Waterfront. So many people get so scared to go downtown on the 4th, but it was not packed at all. In fact- it was very roomy. We crushed several orange crushes, tried to make friends with rich people on yachts who clearly have no reason to make more friends, and watched the fireworks. SOLID choice for the holiday. 

I always live with the goal of living every minute of life I can. If I can squeeze in a bunch of activities, I'm going to. Why spend my time off sleeping or sitting at home or getting things done or not seeing friends, when that's what I do all week?! No thanks. I have things to experience, photos to post, and memories for Snapchat to remember for me.

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