Police are looking for driver who hit pedestrian

Last weekend, as I was checking into a hotel in Baltimore, I saw a man kinda frolicking in the street. I figured he was just being silly, but I went to look at the show. Turns out "the show" was actually a body of a man who had been hit, and NO ONE was stopping. 

Cars were driving right past him like a piece of debris in the middle lane. This frolicking guy was trying to get the cars to go around, slow down, call, anything. 

My bf called 911 as I freaked out a bit. All I could see was a man very flat on the ground, with a huge wound taking up most of his torso. He was still breathing, but it didn't look good. We stayed until the ambulance left then I watched them investigate the scene from my hotel room. I was so bothered that not only was it a hit and run, but so many people passed this man and didn't help him. That guy was probably out with his friends, and those friends had no idea how hurt he had been minutes later. His family might not know. He was all alone, hanging on to life. That's devastating. 

I kept talking to people throughout the weekend, then finally talked about it on the show Monday morning and people he knew heard! They told me he was still alive, but they had no answers. When I went in to FOX 45 like I do every Tuesday, I asked them to do a story. 

Here it is.


If you HAPPENED to drive by that night, if you witnessed it happen, PLEASE come forward with info. It's shocking that someone could get away with this as a man continues to struggle with his life. 



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