Women are putting wasp nests in their lady bits

My name is Elizabethany and I will try anything on Pinterest. 

That was until today. 

If I read "PUT A WASPS NEST IN YOUR VAGINA!" I would not. No way. Never. 

But apparently it's a thing that some women are doing because doctors are having to put out warnings against it. 

There is some truth behind the reason why they're doing it... which is because they will dry and tighten up your situation down there... but who would want to be dry?! I've had drunken sex before and I did not find it pleasing. 

That's why doctors say not to do it... because being dry means you're more prone to sex injuries AND HIV. Plus... it's a piece of a wasps nest... that's weird, yo. 

To get technical, it's "oak galls" inside the nests that are being ground up and sold on etsy... The first tweet/photo below.



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