Aaron Carter brings the party to our studio

Aaron Carter has been HUSTLING for a while now, and I've been wanting to bring his hustle to the studio. Finally, it happened. 

We brought the pool and beach vibe indoors to our Southwest Soundstage over Memorial Day Weekend, and Aaron brought his super happy, fun, good vibes as well. 

Maybe you've heard his new stuff, maybe you haven't, but it's fantastic. It'll likely surprise you. I kept telling my coworkers "you wait, you're gonna love this guy after today," and sure enough, they were in love by the end of the afternoon. 

Aaron has been through some s#!*, but now it's about focusing on his music. The music HE'S writing and creating. The beats HE'S producing. No more "performing other people's songs." 

We talked about the dreams we both have [which are weird], but more importantly- if he wasn't performing HIS music back in the day, who was it that beat Shaq?! [Josh Schwartz, the writer of the song who was in his 30s at the time.]

He also showed me how he's creating the beats not only for his music, but some other A-list rappers that he ghost-writes for. It's pretty incredible, and I'm glad he found his outlet! 

Check out the full chat and performance below... but be aware the first minute-ish doesn't have audio because #technicaldifficulties, I guess. 


DID YOU SEE THAT FLIP AT 12:40?! We talked about flipping on Twitter beforehand... consider me impressed. 

We also did a handstand contest after everything was said and done. I won, but barely. The full video is in the Instagram gallery below. 

And yes, I did tie my dress together in the middle to make it possible. 


And just in case you didn't watch the "I Want Candy" 2017 remix, I got this clip for you too. 



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