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Boyfriend makes amazingly romantic birthday gift for girlfriend

Teenagers are THE MOST ROMANTIC of any generation. No matter what year in history it is, I feel that teens put the most effort into things. 

Maybe it's because teen love is the most intense.
Maybe it's because there are SO MANY OPTIONS that haven't been done in your life before [because you can't repeat a romantic idea for another S/O later in life!]
Maybe it's because they have more time... 

No matter what it is, they're good at gifts... and this guy is GREAT. 

He filled an entire composition notebook with a book he wrote about his relationship with his girlfriend and I want a copy. 

FYI They've been together for four freaking months... because of course they have. 

"We both have had somewhat or a troubled past with relationships, so I made a promise to her when I first met her that I would do anything to make her smile, so I decided to keep my promise.

I’ve always wanted to express the love I had for her, but it was hard to. Until I started writing the book. Things began to flow a lot easier."

You should see all these sentimental tweets he posts about her that I actually, legitimately, really can't handle which is why I'm incapable of posting them all here so CLICK TO SEE THEM.

Okay fine here's one.

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