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PLACES TO GO: The new Beer Garden near Nats Park

It's been a long time since I've gotten to do it, but I like taking full days to just explore a new area. After seeing some Instagram posts showing off how pretty the area around Nats Park/Yards Park is becoming, I had to check out more. 

Stop #1 [and really, almost the only stop] was the new Beer Garden, by Bardo Brewing. It looks like it's gonna be sketchy AF, but it ends up being a temporary [but hopefully not actually temporary] sanctuary of sorts under the bridge and by the water, full of DIY wooden tables and character-filled bathrooms. 

When I was there, it was pretty empty, even more empty when I decided to take pics, but they show a pretty packed place on their Twitter below. 

The atmosphere was very chill, with some music to match that playing under the bridge. People had their dogs, $7 delicious beers [I had a bunch of the Marion Berry one, FYI], and just an all around solid hangout place. 

After I was nice and drunk, we wondered to Yards Park where I hoped to find people swimming in the Pool, but, well, it was 9pm on a Sunday. 

Here's what I was expecting to get: 

The one unfortunate thing about the whole area, is that everything shuts down pretty early. At 8:30, most of the dinner places weren't taking any more people. Luckily, Bluejacket was open and delicious and had a pretty fun server helping us. 

There was some more wandering around a little play area that I really wanted to play beer pong at, but I feel like it's probably frowned upon. 

Here's my quick snap story: 

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