6th Grader deliberately breaks "sexist" dress code

Ya know... I'm hella proud to be a Millennial... but Generation Z is really impressing me lately. 

They're standing up for what they believe in and giving ZERO apologies. Sure, this could get dangerous, but I bet most things in history were considered dangerous and not smart at some point, right? And don't expect to see a change unless you make one..

This girl, who got in trouble for having straps too skinny, decided to organize a bunch of her classmates to all show up, breaking the dress code, and announcing that they're not a distraction. IT WORKED. The principal agreed to take a look and revise the dress code for modern times. 


The girl is in 6th grade. She's what... 11?! I was organizing costume parties at bowling alleys and slam books at that age. 

And... as much as I think kids need to learn about dressing appropriately for certain situations, and I'm not sure if I'd consider MOST dress codes "sexist," we can all agree that the official dress code at school is a little ridiculous. What does an extra finger do?! Why do shorts need to touch our finger tips? How about just teaching them what a hoe looks like so they don't look like that. 



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