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This prom dresses changes colors in an instant!

Have you seen those magical mermaid pillows?! They're sequins... but when you swipe your hand, they flip over and change colors and holy moly they're beautiful and fun and so great for anyone ADD. 

Someone very smart [Adonis West] was inspired to make it into a prom dress and I'm getting really excited about it even though I'm closer to a reunion happening than a prom. 


I mean... by the time you get to twerking [if you can in that thing....] it'll look completely different.... but the design in there is beautiful. 

I would totally turn it into a message board for people to write on... or probably be obscene at some point once the parents were done with the pictures.... 

The possibilities are endless, really... and when you're AD[H]D like me, it would never look the same in any two pictures. 

The biggest problem: This is custom made and you probably can't buy it..... but maybe there's a fabric you can buy for yourself??! 

Oh man... they need to start making these SHIRTS! It'll be as cool as those shirts that used to start small and get all big and porcupine-y

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