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Guy sends "romantic" rap verse to wrong number

When your phone goes off for a text, you might hope it's your boo or bff, but I hope it's a wrong number. I so badly want something like this to happen to me. 

Laura received pure gold when a stranger texted her a draft of some romantic lyrics from a rapper... 

Well I don't think romantic is what he was going for... but he claims to be trying to show his love and respect with this... 

Well hot damn. That's certainly an interesting verse... I'm feeling more of a *threat* vibe than a respect one... but maybe I'm alone in that.

No, I'm not alone. 

Oh snap, Laura layin it down! but he went right into introducing himself... alright then... 

Hold on tight, y'all... it's about to get REALLY good. A lot of realness, a lot of respect between two strangers texting, and even more HQ lines from the lyricist.

"You have talent, Levondre." I CAN'T WITH LAURA RIGHT NOW. SO GOOD. 

If you're thinking "this has to be faked," it's not. There's NO WAY I'd believe this was a real exchange if I didn't know Laura. It's real. It's amazing. And it's making me incredibly jealous I haven't had a moment like this happen in life. 

Unfortunately, he never sent her his hot track. He straight ghosted her. Damn. I bet it was as good as Ace da Rapper's. 

Thanks to Laura M for sharing these screenshots with me and now the world.  

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