Girl wears full disguise to spy on best friend's date

When you go on a date with a new person, there are some steps you gotta take. 

  1. Someone needs to know all their info in case you disappear
  2. Someone needs to check in at some point to make sure you don't need an emergency escape. 
  3. People need to know where you are in case anything does happen. 

Dawsyn probably prepared those thing, but didn't expect her friend to show up during the date to make sure everything went according to hopes. 


I mean... that's extreme friendship dedication right there. 

I'm not sure why she needed to go in disguise..  if it's a new date, they won't recognize a new girl's friend sitting nearby, right?

JK it's 2017 and we're doing a lot of research before going on dates... and these two beautiful girls share a lot of pics together. 


Find a friend who will wear a fake mustache for you in public. Moral of this story.



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