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This woman got amnesia, had to fall in love with her boyfriend again

There's no way to even IMAGINE what it'd be like to suddenly lose ALL your memory... but a girl had a cluster of seizures, and ended up losing all 19 years of memories she had made in her lifetime. 

"I was terrified. I had no idea who anyone was. Everyone was a stranger to me. I didn’t even know my own name. I remember boarding the train that day in March, but that’s it. I’ve been told my body went limp and my eyes glazed over. But we had nearly arrived in London and Rich was able to support me until we got to the station, then walk me to our office and call my parents while he looked after me. I now recall seeing a woman running towards me but I had no idea who she was. She was hugging me and asking if I was OK but I just stared back at her blankly. She kept saying she was my mom."

Her mom tried to bring her memory back by showing her photos, but her memory was totally blank.. 

I found a mirror and looked at my reflection but it was like I was looking at a stranger. I did match the person in the photos, though, so agreed to go home with my parents. Mom put a hand on my knee but I pushed it off, it felt weird to be touched by a stranger.

So imagine you don't even know who your own mother is, but you're sent home with a man who is claiming to be your boyfriend of 7 months... 

I remember at one point I was left on my own with him and hated it. I didn’t know him but he was acting like we were in love. So two weeks later, I tried to end the relationship. He looked so hurt and promised he would help me remember how great we were together. Seeing how passionate and caring he was finally convinced me he must care for me, so I agreed to give it a shot."

He took her to her favorite restaurants, walks through familiar places, and told stories of who she used to be... and as she says "I don't remember falling in love with him the first time, but I do remember the second.." so she believes that it can keep happening. 


This is one of those stories I'm not gonna be able to stop thinking about.... how did he keep his strength? How did she cope with all of this?! How do you even convince yourself you're a human if you don't know your own reflection?! Did she get a different soul?!?! I JUST DON'T KNOW! 

Here are some adorable pics of them: 

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