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PHOTOS: EB's trip to the Presidential Inauguration

When something historic happens, that you can witness, don't you wanna do it?! 

That's the way my brain works. Whether or not I love what's happening, or if I think it's gonna be a nice walk in the park, I wanna experience everything that is possible in this life.... so today, I went to the Inauguration. 

I was expecting a TON of people, a lot of walking, a lot of people shouting, maybe a little too much protesting, a lot of weed, and a lot of emotions. I was about half right. 

There were FAR LESS people than I imagined. I'm not sure why it is. Maybe they're scared. Maybe they're upset. Maybe they're ashamed... maybe they're simply lazy [although that can't be it since Trump supporters claim non-supporters are lazy, not them]. No matter what the reason was, it wasn't packed. It wasn't even full. 

It also wasn't aggressive. There were definitely a lot of Anti-Trump humans expressing their feelings, but in a peaceful way. That's America. We're allowed to do that. The thing is- if you're gonna get attention for it, be ready to back it up. I saw some girls who had signs about the pussy-grabbing situation and a group of people came up to question the [bleep] out of them. I assume that video will go viral soon... 

*I will address the big riot of sorts that happened in Frederick Square, but that was such a small area that I never saw or heard any of it. I walked a solid 7 miles around the parade route and Mall today LOOKING for some crazy, and somehow missed it.*

If you were watching on TV, it probably looked loud and crowded... but from where I was, at the front of the non-ticketed area, that was simply not the case. When Trump came, there were an even amount of boo's and cheers... and I think that was the case throughout. I've never been to an Inauguration before, but I wonder if it's always a solid mix of opinions. 

Maybe the silliest thing I heard go on was a group of 50-60 year old men yelling at some Millennials about needing to grow up, get a job, etc... meanwhile the Millennials were standing quietly, with signs, not bothering anyone, and very nicely dressed. Pretty sure they have all that under control. Also, those same older men were later seen in line paying a different Millennial to take a picture with his crappy Trump cutout.... 

I went to this historic event alone... and while it would have been nice to have someone with me, I'm always happy to come back and share these things with you. Plus, it was easier to cut in line because I was alone. And had I not gone, I wouldn't know that TSA now has to play with your phone when you go through the checkpoints because they could be bombs. They make sure the camera works, messages have been sent recently, etc. Thank goodness it's been at least 48 hours since I've sent *one of those* texts. 

ANYWAY... if you actually read all of that- props to you! Hopefully I didn't piss you off or anything. I'm trying to stay as mutual as possible. And for what it's worth- I'm genuinely hopeful/positive for the future. I have to be. We all have to be. No sense in being full of hate and contempt... it's not gonna get us anywhere. 

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