Meet CAMDEN the lab!

Before I even introduce you to my Babe of the Week, I wanna tell you that there are over 300 animals looking to be adopted at Humane Rescue Alliance right now. That is a LOT of sad and lonely animals. They, of course, are a no-kill shelter, so they're having to make it work... which means even closer quarters for some of these animals. Let's help them out! LOOK AT ALL OF THEIR ANIMALS HERE. 

Now, I'll tell you about Camden. 

He's a lab mix, and 7 years old, which makes him perfect. You know labs LOVE them some humans and other animals, and they're the best companion. They like to have fun, too... which was too much for his elderly owner to handle. He has so much life left to live and love and snuggles and games of fetch! He didn't bark at other people, and the one time he jumped up, it was gentle. [You know those dogs who are trying to be linebackers? Not Camden.]

Check out the pics and videos below, and even more info IF YOU CLICK HERE. Then go visit him at the Oglethorpe location of Humane Rescue Alliance!



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