Meet Chester!

Sometimes animals end up at the shelter for a really long time and there's no real reason why [my favorite EVER was there for 3-4 months]. They're cute. They get along with humans and other animals. WHAT ELSE DOES A DOG NEED TO DO OR BE?! 

Like Chester.. who was surrendered because they weren't allowed to have dogs in a new apartment.. he can't seem to catch a break. Even when they dress him up in fun costumes for events, he still goes back to what's supposed to be a temporary home in Humane Rescue Alliance. 

He's two years old, so cute, and can definitely protect you from bad things happening with the alarm built into his voice. :)

Check out the pics/videos, and then check him out at Humane Rescue Alliance on Oglethorpe Rd! OR CLICK HERE FOR INFO!

Chester here, your new Bester friend! I am the type of dog who can do it all. I have lots of energy for playtime, and I love to always have a toy in my mouth (even if I'm just carrying it around!) I always like to greet my favorite people with an extra big kiss and a wiggle (and sometimes I get too excited and jump up, but I'm trying my best to mind my manners). When playtime is over, I'm happy to lay down near you and chew on something tasty while you watch TV. I have very high standards for my friends, so I would need to meet any pups in your house before you take me home. I'm a big guy with a lot of enthusiasm, so I might accidentally be too much for very little humans, but I'd love to meet anyone and everyone in your family. Come meet me today! You'll be happy you did.

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