Pappy the Dachsund needs a home!

People have been asking for littler dogs, and we are delivering!

Meet PAPPY! He's a 10 year old hot dog/nugget who loves to have his tongue out. It's a good look for him. He's always crawling up into his blanket, so he'd be a great cuddle buddy. 

Read his official bio, watch the videos, look at the pics, but then go meet him at Humane Rescue Alliance on Oglethorpe Rd in DC! He's got too much love to still give to be sitting in the shelter!

My name is Pappy and I'm happy to meet you! I think I would make the perfect couch potato since I love couches and I look like a potato. I could probably lose a little weight and would need an owner who could help me with that. I'm kind of an old man in dachshund's body. Please consider taking me to my forever home!



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