Meet Moyo, a 6 y/o retriever mix

Last week we took a tour of all the dogs in the shelter at Humane Rescue Alliance... but today we're back to focusing on one. [Although PLENTY of last week's animals are still waiting in those little spaces for someone to come take them home!]

Moyo is a 6 year old sweet girl who is a retriever and something else. American Bulldog, the shelter says.. but it's so hard to tell with the look of an eyeball. Human error, some might call it. 

She was in a home with another dog, so should be okay in that area! She was very happy just sitting outside, not making a sound, not bother people who walked by... and she was good in the car!

After you fall for her in the videos and pics below, CLICK HERE TO GET HER INFO or just go straight to Humane Rescue Alliance on Oglethorpe Rd! 

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