Toro needs our help to find a home!

Today's Babe is a fave of Humane Rescue Alliance staff, and hopefully you'll love him enough to bring him to your home forever! [He's also a fave of my Facebook friends in TX who tell me the "blue nose" is a rare and beautiful find!]

He's only two years old, definitely has the energy and willingness to learn, just needs the place to do it!

Meet TORO!

They call me Toro, but I'm no bull. I am big and strong, almost 70 pounds of muscle, and I'm pretty athletic if I do say so myself. Here at the shelter I've been feeling pretty nervous. I think maybe I need to find a home of my own so that I can showcase my real personality, 'cause it's been a little hard to see my true self here. I bet if you take me home, I'll be the best friend you could ever ask for! I bet we could have a ton of fun playing outside and going for hikes or runs together. I bet we could do training classes together and take naps on the couch. Doesn't that sound amazing? I think so too, so come meet me today!



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