Meet Laya!

BEFORE WE GET INTO THIS WEEK'S BEAUTIFUL BABE, WE NEED TO ADDRESS THE FACT THAT PHOEBE IS STILL AVAILABLE. She was my Babe of the Week on October 18, and had already been there for a few months too long. It's incredible to me how well mannered she is after being in a shelter for so long. PLEASE HELP HER. CLICK HERE.


K now I'll introduce you to Laya. She's two years old, good with kids and other dogs, and is SO great once you get her out of her shelter room. She just wants out! Another great point: She's 45 pounds. Squeezing right under that 50 pound max rule some places have! 

Check out her pics/video below [and the pic of her refusing to get into her room again which broke my damn heart] and then CLICK HERE OR VISIT HER AT HUMANE RESCUE ALLIANCE- OGLETHORPE ST. 



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