Meet Lady, the feisty grandma!

On Wednesdays we team up with Humane Rescue Alliance. 

Today, we introduce you to LADY! She's been in the shelter for 3+ months, and that ain't right! She's 13 years old, but can play a mean game of tug o' war, as you'll see in the video! 

Here's her description online:

Well hey there Darlin, I'm Lady. Believe it or not, I am 13 years old! You might think that I would be a little more of a couch potato but I still love to go for walks, meet new people friends, and stop to smell the flowers. At my age, you learn that it's the little things in life (like a good pet) that make everyone happy. And when I say happy, I mean REALLY happy! My tail doesn't stop moving. In fact, it moves so fast that it makes my whole body wiggle! I do have some skin allergies and not every type of food agrees with my belly but I won't let that stop me from being as sweet and social as I am. 

Come meet me, and I'll show you this adorable body wiggle everyone keeps talking about!As a Hidden Gem, I get my very own volunteers who spend extra time with me and work with me on basic training needs. That way, I'll be extra ready to settle into my new home! And, because I've been here a little bit longer than my friends, staff have had the opportunity to get to know me really well, and they will gladly answer any questions you may have about me.

As an extra "thank you" for considering taking me home, my adoption fee has been waived*!*Standard adoption procedures apply.

If you're lookin to help a dog out, she's your gal! ADOPTION FEE WAIVED! CLICK HERE FOR INFO OR VISIT HER AT HRA ON OGLETHORPE STREET!



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