Meet Molly, the retriever!

First of all- As of today, we've been helping animals get adopted FOR A YEAR! 42 animals have been adopted from HRA because of US spreading the word about them, and I can't thank you enough for your help!

Now let's make it 43!

Molly was a therapy dog for an autistic boy, but the family was evicted :( So now, at 4 years old, she's ready to take on her next mission of love and help!

She's much shorter than your average retriever, with the prettiest eyes and the desire to be touching you or within a foot of you. :) 

CLICK HERE TO GET ALL OF HER INFO [that they were still updating at the time of me writing this] OR JUST GO SEE HER AT HUMANE RESCUE ALLIANCE ON OGLETHORPE STREET!



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