Meet Marigold!

I don't think we've ever had a labrador/retriever mix as a Babe of the Week, so I am SO excited to introduce you to sweet Marigold!

She's 5 years old, recently spayed, and SOOO skinny! She was so sweet, though... and had she not been sleepy [maybe even dopey?], they say she's normally fairly energetic! She's also a queen at eyerolling as you'll see below. They brought Marigold up from the south as the transport of "Harvey animals" are being brought to shelters across the country. 

CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF HER OFFICIAL INFO or just go visit her at Humane Rescue Alliance on Oglethorpe Street! 


By the way, the last few babes have been ADOPTED! And I'm sure Max Scherzer of the Nationals was a huge help in that! He covered all of the adoption fees last weekend to help clear the shelters for some of the animals to be brought up from the south. They only have ONE CAT left! Incredible. 


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