For a guy who is only a year old, spending a few months in a shelter is tough. That's been Nelson's life. Even though he has the biggest cute ears and a really unique coat of fur, he's been there for at least the last few months. 

So you can imagine how excited he was to go outside today. He ran around like Buddy the Elf in a NYC candy shop before we got him to sort of calm down for a video. 


GET ALL OF HIS INFO HERE! For some reason he's listed as "RIO" online, but it's Nelson in the bio: 

Nelson here! I'm a one year-old guy with a lot of energy and one of the most handsome faces in the DMV area! I came to the Humane Rescue Alliance all the way from Puerto Rico back in April and I'm SO ready to go to my forever home! I am working on being braver because I get nervous around new people. I shouldn't go home to children and I would like to be the only dog in the home (so I can get all of the attention)! I am really a special guy and I love to be loved. If you have a patient and loving home with a yard for me to play in, I might just be the perfect fit for you!


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