Meet RUMPLE, an 8 year old "Fixer Upper"

Last week I gave you the most perfect dog anyone could ask for, and somehow he's STILL waiting for a home in the shelter. It's literally bringing me to tears at night. If I had any time at home during the day, I'd be getting him. 

This week I'll give you a sadder story of a dog.... Meet RUMPLE!

He's 8 years old. He was adopted from Humane Rescue Alliance years ago, but recently brought back after his owner had some BS excuse for dropping him off. His fur was so matted it took HOURS to shave it off. Now he's got a bit of a choppy haircut, but if someone gets him groomed regularly, he'll be one hell of a handsome fella. 

As for his personality- he's the most chill. He'll lay in your lap until you kick him off. He'll walk around [a little slowly] and he won't bark. 

While he needs love, he doesn't need a lot of energy like Kane does. [Last week's Babe]


If you'd like more info on Rumple, CLICK HERE! He's waiting for you at Humane Rescue Alliance's Oglethorpe location! 


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