Meet KANE!

When I went to Humane Rescue Alliance two weeks ago, I FELL IN LOVE with a dog named Kane. As soon as I opened his door, he brought a toy to me, played tug o' war, then got a ball and played fetch in his little 3x5 cell. I figured he'd find a home immediately... then I saw him still there today. There was no doubt I had to feature him and get him a home. 

He's a year old, knows all the basic tricks/commands, and just needs someone to run around and play with. He's even good with kids and other dogs! AND... BONUS!! When all the other dogs were barking, he did not.

ALL OF HIS INFO can be found here!!! And he's waiting for you at the Oglethorpe Rd. location of Humane Rescue Alliance. 


They did have some puppies when I was there this afternoon, and some baby bunnies! You can see ALL of the pets on my Snapchat if you hurry, but here's a sneak peek at the babies. 


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