Meet Axl and Slash!

Each year, right around now, all the knocked up cats are giving birth and there is an abundance of kittens... which is why you've gotta meet these two, ADORABLE 8 week old Babes that were found as strays. 

Axl the boy on the left, and Slash the girl!

Slash was totally chillin' in my arms, while Axl was a little squirmy. Once they were in their cage thing, it was the opposite. They're still young and learning how to play with toys and such, but damn, are they cute. 


**UPDATE!** They have both already been adopted! BUT!!! There will be plenty of kittens to choose from if you're looking, so keep an eye below!

CLICK HERE TO SEARCH THEIR CATS! They have a few locations! 

And because you've been good boys and girls, here are some screenshots from today's Snap story if you missed it [follow me if you'd like to see each week- luvelizabethany]


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