Meet PETEY, the Hidden Gem!

YOU GUYS! It's an exciting weekend at Humane Rescue Alliance! For Adopt A Shelter Pet Weekend, they're cutting all of the adoption fees in half!

BUT.... our Babe of the Week, Petey... is FREE. No adoption fee will be charged!

He's only about a year old, friendly with dogs AND humans, and is waiting for you at their Oglethorpe location. 


His official bio on his adoption page:

Petey is 1 yr and 9 months and is one of the happiest dogs I have ever met. He is very playful and has a lot of energy. He can also be quite goofy and clumsy. He has a lot of personality and just loves to be around people. Petey and I had a weekend together filled with long walks, lots of toys and so many cuddles.Petey has a lot of energy and loves to play and run. He absolutely loved just being outside and going on long walks. He wanted to say hi to everyone who walked by including other dogs (even though he was not introduced to any dogs, he showed no sign of aggression as we walked by them). He just smiled and bounced along giving kisses to anyone who wanted to say hi.Petey is a very strong dog and can pull sometimes on his leash when he is excited or sees a cat or squirrel but he also loves to just stroll along with you too. He also would love to run with you or in an open field chasing a ball.Even though Petey does have a lot of energy, he understands when it is time for downtime. Often, after our walks, he would just lay down by our feets or curl up next to us for some cuddle time. When he is inside with you, he constantly wants to be right next to you or on top of you as he sometimes thinks of himself as a lap dog. He did like to follow us around the house as he did not want to feel like he was being left out.Petey absolutely LOVES toys and is quite cute to watch him play with them. He is a bit of a chewer and likes to pull stuffing out of his soft chew toys but he knows that his toys are the only things in the house he can chew. He also loved having Bully sticks and other bones to chew on as well.Petey is a very lovable and happy dog who wants to just play and be loved. He is a great dog who would love someone or a family who wants to have as much fun as he does.

As a Hidden Gem, I get my very own volunteers who spend extra time with me and work with me on basic training needs. That way, I'll be extra ready to settle into my new home! And, because I've been here a little bit longer than my friends, staff have had the opportunity to get to know me really well, and they will gladly answer any questions you may have about me.




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