Meet EASY! One year old mix!

Oh boy... this is another Babe that I would TOTALLY adopt if I had the room or the time.... but it's also the reason why I do this.. to find these beautiful souls a home to live in forever. 

Easy has been in the shelter since February, one of the longest stays I've ever seen. I assume it's because he's just sad in there and normally stays in his bed, instead of jumping up on the door like most of them do. I call that manners, others call that boring, I guess. 

He's only a year old, and seems to have a mix of Lab and Pitbull in him, if I were to guess, but it's hard to say without a DNA test. He certainly has the loving and playful and obedient personality of them. 

Easy loves to give hugs around your waist and will legit stand like that for a long time. He'll only jump up if you tell him too, though. 

Did I mention he's potty trained?!? And still so young... and ugh. Perfect. HE EVEN RAN THE LOCALS FOR LOCAL 5K LAST WEEK!!! WHAT A CHAMPION!

GET MORE INFO ON HIM HERE. He's waiting for you at the Humane Rescue Alliance on Oglethorpe.

And if you wanna see more puppies and dogs available, check out my snap [LUVELIZABETHANY] or CLICK HERE.


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