It's so silly when someone is so afraid of a Pitbull..... I've been bit by a few dogs in my life, never once has it been a Pitbull. [Chihuahuas are the devil and gave me the worst injuries, FYI]

Bridget is a prime example of how sweet they can be! She's only 10 months old, she's been through a legit training class/course, and is now just ready for a home! I was so in love as soon as I walked into HRA and saw her looking over the counter at me. 


She was transferred to their New York Ave location right after I visited with her, so if you wanna meet her, go there! OR CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

ALSO.... I can't believe that THREE of our former Babes are still waiting for homes! We pick the best in the shelter and it's so sad to me when they are still in their space, patient as ever, still as sweet, but without a family. 


If you're interested in helping the Humane Rescue Alliance, they have a big event coming up, which is why Bridget was dressed up! FASHION FOR PAWS happens April 8!

Because you've been good... here's a puppy for National Puppy Day. 



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