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Meet TALLEYRAND, the celebrity kitten!

This is such an awesome story... 

Talleyrand... is a 5 month old kitten. When you meet her, you might notice a limp and a motionless tail, but that hasn't stopped her spirit, so you wouldn't think that just a few months ago she was found PARALYZED!

Humane Rescue Alliance was able to give her acupuncture therapy that helped her regain feeling and the ability to walk! You can check out the entire blog post on her journey here, but check out her first steps! 

Look at her face when she feels her legs! It's priceless! 

They kept a watch on her for the last couple months, and now she's finally ready to be adopted! [And the good thing about cats is that even after 5 months of living, she's still looking like a baby! Well, maybe a toddler.]

Of course I love a good story behind an animal, but I love it even more when you can't even tell the hell they've been through. 

Talleyrand deserves a home and a place where she can use her legs and play! 


ALSO: I can't believe that VIOLET IS STILL AVAILABLE. She's one of the best dogs we've featured and I was genuinely shocked to see her still in there this week... so if you haven't yet, give her some lovin.

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