YOU GUYS! Last week Bubba was adopted within HOURS of posting this blog... can we do it again?! 

This week it's all about Pearl. She's a 3 year old Dogo Argentino mix who was found in an empty apartment with her babies. Her babies have since been adopted, but she's been waiting in the shelter for over two months... that's one of the longest time periods I've witnessed a pup in there for. 

Let's check her out:


You might notice some irregularities to her lady bits... She's experiencing a "false pregnancy" right now. According to this link, it'll only last about 1-2 months. 

Sometimes the first impression of a dog in a shelter might not be "ideal." They might not be the most friendly or they might not be the most perfect looking... but they're the ones that need love the most! Pearl needs someone who will be her companion, her love, her family. Let's find her that someone! 

Share this blog so she can get the attention and affection she deserves. :) She's a mom who's been through TOO MUCH! And check out the Oglethorpe location of the Humane Rescue Alliance to meet her! 


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