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Meet MAGGIE! A 3 year old mix!

We got a real winner this week, folks. 

Not that we don't every week... every animal is obviously deserving of a home... but Maggie here... she's special. 

She's only 3 years old and was surrendered on CHRISTMAS EVE! Not exactly the "gift" anyone has in mind... 

They say she's a mastiff mix, but might also be a number of other things... but what matters is how SWEET she is! She's going to be crazy loyal, by your side all the time, and is so pretty! Also... I feel like a lot of times dogs aren't exactly "soft." Cats are, puppies are, but not all dogs... Maggie is. 

Her tail is so silly... someone thought it should be cut off but it's so thick- they were wrong! Doesn't matter though... she's still a happy little girl!

If you wanna check her out, CLICK HERE! [Disclaimer: they said she'd be best in a home without cats... but kids etc are fine!]

Or go visit her ASAP at Humane Rescue Alliance- Oglethorpe location!

Also, we had someone stop by today and tell us they tried to adopt former Babe Dory, but she had been scooped up so they found another lovebug to adopt! IT MADE ME SO HAPPY! If you've added to your family because of this little partnership I've created with HRA, I'd love to hear about it! AND SEE PICS! 

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