AMC Theaters Will Now Let You Pay With Dogecoin

AMC Theatres To Raise $500 Million In Private Offering In Response To COVID-19 Shutdown

Photo: Getty Images

Did you invest in Dogecoin last year like everyone else did? Turns out you can FINALLY use it for something because AMC will let you buy movie tickets with the meme cryptocurrency!

The movie theater chain will now let users buy tickets and concessions in their app using Dogecoin and Shiba Inu and if you have a TON of Dogecoin then you might be able to see several movies for free just by using crypto.

To pay for tickets or concession items like popcorn all you have to do is go through the normal process of buying them in-app, but instead of using your credit card, you can select Bitpay as your payment method which can connect to your crypto wallet of choice to use Dogecoin or Shiba Inu.

As of right now a matinee screening with a large popcorn and drink will set you back 213.539627 DOGE or 1,204,739.704740 SHIB so time to start looking up what your password was to your crypto wallet in case you forgot!

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