The First Marvel Comic Just Sold For Over $2 Million

You might want to check in with your family to see if they're still holding onto your old stuff because a Marvel comic book just sold for over $2 MILLION at an auction earlier this week!

The comic book was actually the very first Marvel comic book released called Marvel Comics #1 and was published in August 1939 where it introduced the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner to the masses.

Oddly enough, Marvel wasn't the juggernaut of a company that it is today back then and was actually published by Timely Comics, but on top of that the specific comic book sold had a 9.2 grade so the owner kept it in a pretty pristine condition.

ComicConnect sold the comic book for $2.4 million to an anonymous buyer and you already know Marvel is probably hitting them up to secure the copy for their vaults. You can learn more about Marvel Comics #1 in the video below and can even read the digital version of the comic book for $2 if you're okay with saving money!

Time to go get all our old comic books and collectibles valued because we might be sitting on gold mines without realizing it!

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