Netflix Is Editing Out The Phone Number Scenes From Squid Game


Last week I told you about how the phone number seen in Netflix's hit show Squid Game was a real-life phone number and it turns out after multiple complaints the streaming service is finally editing the number out of the show!

Multiple times throughout the series you would see characters call the real-life number to join/re-join the games and now when you see those scenes the number will be slightly blurred or edited to not see the number at all.

The show's production company Siren Pictures Inc is currently working on the edit after multiple regulatory bodies gave Netflix flak for neglecting to catch the error even weeks after the show released online.

At least the person who owns the original number can sleep happy in a few days without anyone calling them to join the games seen on the show!

Also if you still somehow haven't watched the most popular show every on Netflix then check out the trailer below to get hooked!


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