Deadpool Just Made His First Appearance In The MCU (Sort Of)

We're one step closer to Ryan Reynold's officially being in the MCU thanks to a new YouTube video hyping up Reynold's other movie Free Guy!

Reynolds donned his full Deadpool costume and partnered with Taika Waititi, who plays Korg, to film a reaction video in-character to the latest trailer for the movie and it's definitely the fourth wall-breaking we've come to expect from the character.

The Deadpool reaction video to Free Guy is crammed with meta-jokes, like Deadpool acknowledging the fridging controversy around Deadpool 2 or saying Free Guy “looks fun, in a last-days-of-Fox fire-sale kind of way" and it's the perfect palate-cleanser to get ready for Deadpool to pop up in a future MCU movie.

You can check out the video below and just be ready to here something from Kevin Feige about if the video is canon or not!

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