This Film Festival Wants Someone To Watch Movies Alone In A Lighthouse

Already need some alone time in 2021? The Göteborg Film Festival might have you covered with its opportunity to watch its nominated films alone in a lighthouse for seven days!

The Göteborg Film Festival is conducting a “pandemic cinema experiment” where one candidate chosen from applicants around the globe will be treated to a week’s stay at the Pater Noster Lighthhouse located off the west coast of Sweden with unlimited access to this year's nominated films.

However, the one caveat is that you have to do the entire thing alone and won't be able to bring your phone so you'll only have the nominated films and the ocean sound to keep you company for seven days.

The only thing you really have to do during your stay is submit a video diary kind of like in The Real World, but that should be easy since it will be the only talking you do during your stay.

The immersive solo movie experience takes place from January 30 through February 6 and if you want to apply you can go HERE!

(Good News Network)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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