You Can Watch These NEW Movies Digitally Because Of Coronavirus

As theaters across the US close because of the coronavirus pandemic, movies that were recently on the big screen are arriving early on digital rental or streaming for audiences to watch at home. 

Universal Pictures was the first film company to announce that it would be releasing its NEW movies as on-demand rentals to make up for losing a TON of profit at the movie theaters.

What this means is that you get BRAND NEW movies to rent for 24 hours for only $19.99! Here are some of the BIG movies that you can now watch at home early as well as their trailers to give you a glimpse at them:

Frozen 2 (FREE ON DISNEY+)

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Released Early on Digital To Rent/Own)


Trolls World Tour

The Hunt

The Invisible Man

Birds of Prey



Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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