Owen Wilson Has Been Cast In Marvel's Loki Series On Disney+!

Just when you thought Marvel Studios had picked all of Hollywood dry to start as heroes in the MCU they go and drop one of the BIGGEST (in my personal opinion) casting announcements: Owen Wilson is going to be in the MCU!

First reported by our friends at Comicbook.com and then confirmed by Variety, Wilson has been cast in a "major role" for the upcoming Disney+ original series Loki which will star Tom Hiddleston.

No one really know who Wilson has been cast as, but now that we got to see a brief glimpse of the series in Disney+'s Super Bowl ad it will only be a short time before we get answers!

How do you feel about Owen Wilson entering the MCU? Should he play a comedy-relief role or do you want him to bring out his acting chops?


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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