Marvel's 'Wandavision" Is Coming To Disney+ In 2020!

You might want to hold off on canceling Disney+ now that the first season of The Mandalorian is over because Disney+ just revealed some of the biggest shows coming in 2020 and if you're an MCU fan then get ready!

During the streaming service's recent sizzle reel we officially learned that not only is Season Two of The Mandalorian coming out in 2020, not only is the Lizzie McGuire revival coming this year, but we're getting TWO MCU shows this year: Falcon and the Winter Soldier AND Wandavision!

Originally Wandavision was scheduled to come out in 2021, but for some reason it's getting moved up to 2020 and you can most likely assume in the Fall!

Make sure to check out the full sizzle reel below!


Photo Credit: Disney+

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