All the NEW Trailers Shown at The Game Awards!

Even though most people were tuning into The Game Awards to see who would win Game of the Year, which ended up going to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, we were tuning in to see all the new game premieres!

We organized the "need-to-know" trailers of games you will most likely get in 2020 and, personally, the announcement of the new Xbox (Xbox Series X) was the most shocking announcement of the show! You read that right, a NEW Xbox is coming out next holiday season!

Here are ALL of the trailers that premiered/games you'll most likely play and spend time with in the next few years to come:

Xbox Series X

Fast & Furious Crossroads

The Wolf Among Us Season 2

Ghost of Tsushima


Bravely Default 2

Magic: Legends

Weird West

Dark Alliance

Nine to Five


Sons of the Forest

Surgeon Simulator 2

Path of the Warrior

Joker in Mortal Kombat 11

X-Men DLC in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Gears Tactics


Apex Legends - Holo-Day Bash

No More Heroes 3

Star Wars Content in Fortnite

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