Disney+ Added A New Scene to Star Wars: A New Hope!

If you have watched Star Wars: A New Hope you know that the scene between Han Solo and the bounty hunter Greedo has been divisive among fans for years ever since George Lucas edited it in the 90s. It turns out that ANOTHER edit made its way into the film after its Disney+ debut!

The newly-added scene includes Greedo getting one last line in before Han Solo fires his blaster at him and the line is "Maclunkey!"

You might be wondering what that means, well thanks to some fine prequel fans, we know it means "This'll be the end of you" and was said by Sebulba in The Phantom Menace!

Check out the new scene below and while it does stick out for being completely different, it at least gives our boy Greedo a little more street cred!


Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

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