Just Dance 2020 Will Be The Last Wii Game!

Think about the last time you played your Wii! You probably either played Mario Kart, Smash Bros., or Just Dance a few years ago; however, you're going to freak out that they are STILL MAKING GAMES for the Wii which first release in 2006!

Ubisoft just released Just Dance 2020 on the Wii, which has been the only series to release new consoles on the game for the past years!

The Just Dance games have been released on the Nintendo Wii alongside modern systems since 2009, but that is finally coming to an end with Just Dance 2020 based on recent PR reports.

It looks like Just Dance 2020 will go down in history as the LAST game to be released on the Wii and if you still have your Wii then why wouldn't you get it?

To see what the gameplay looks like of a 2019 game on a system that came out THIRTEEN YEARS AGO, then check out the video below!

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