GameStop Has An Exclusive "Minty Pickaxe" For Fortnite!


You can now get the "Minty Pickaxe" by buying anything Fortnite-related at your local Gamestop and a code for the "Minty Pickaxe" will print out on your receipt. You can then redeem this code in your Epic Games account to get the in-game item!

Original Story Follows:

Get ready to head to your local GameStop for the Fortnite fans in your life because the video game retailer is the ONLY place you'll be able to get the game's EXCLUSIVE Merry Mint Pickaxe!

The pickaxe, which the Internet is referring to as the "Minty Pickaxe" is just a cosmetic item for the Battle Royale game, but you can only obtain it by purchasing officially licensed Fortnite merchandise at select retailers in the US, France, Germany, and United Kingdom, but for right now GameStop is the only place you can find it.

News of the pickaxe leaked out a few weeks ago and people have since flooded GameStops, but stores weren't allowed to release the codes until November 6th. You can probably expect most of the codes to be gone, but it might be worth a trip to your local GameStop.

Also just a heads up that you should be cautious of anyone trying to hand out FREE codes/sell them online because this is usually when scammers take advantage of unsuspecting parents/gamers.

Just in case, here is a list of the CHEAPEST Fortnite items you can buy at GameStop to get the Minty Pickaxe!

Photo Credit: EPIC Games

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