Ms. Marvel is the Newest Hero in Marvel’s Avengers Game!

Get ready to add another MCU superhero to your everyday vocabulary because Ms. Marvel was just announced as the sixth playable superhero in Marvel's Avengers video game!

The announcement was made during Marvel Games' New York Comic Con panel over the weekend and while we've kind of already known Ms. Marvel (real life alter-ego of Kamala Khan) was going to be in the game based on previous trailers, this is a huge step forward for the character in pop culture!

Ms. Marvel is known in the comics for being inspired by Captain Marvel, hence her name, and has polymorphic powers, which means she can expand and change shape like Mr. Fantastic.

Ms. Marvel will most likely be the first character you play as after the game's intro and it'll be a great way to learn about the character before she gets her own Disney+ show and is introduced to the larger MCU! Check out the announce trailer below!

Marvel’s Avengers will be released May 15, 2020 for Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC! You can pre-order the game HERE to get access to the Beta!

Photo Credit: Square Enix

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